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Client Testimonial: "Going Above and Beyond to help us..."

We strive to provide the very best when working with our clients and we always appreciate feedback from valued partners like David Weekley Homes when working with our consultants.

Here's a great example:

“Phillip is a perfect representation of the partnership, and collaboration between Burgess and David Weekley Homes and should be recognized for going above and beyond to help us all out.”

“Phillip was a great representation of Burgess, and what we like to see face our customers. Phillip told the homeowner exactly how he would do the elevation inspection, a little about how the equipment works, and made sure the homeowner was comfortable during the inspection.”

“He went above and beyond to give me some tools and ideas to use… It’s really appreciated.”

Chad Clark / Lead Builder

David Weekley Homes

Contact Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc. for your next project at 888-644-6489 or


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