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With the unpredictability of today's housing market, more and more people are opting to rent as opposed to buy their home. This has created a great opportunity for both investors and builders to provide quality homes, while minimizing risks. 

for Investors

Investors put significant dollars into build-to-rent communities.  That investment needs accountability to ensure:

  • production targets are met

  • quality construction is executed 

  • the investment's short and long-term risk are minimized.

We are the investors eyes on site, with construction monitoring, quality evaluation and daily reporting with pictures so investors never have to worry how their money is being spent.

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for Builders & GCs

With an often accelerated production pace and accountability to outside investors, Builders and General Contractors need an advocate and impartial third-party partner to confirm the built environment meets industry standards of quality.  They also need support with all the traditional functions of homebuilding:

  • engineering design

  • energy code compliance

  • quality assurance

Build-to-Rent may bring the added luxury of not having to deal with homebuyers, but unless a good process is in place, the management of the investor relationship may prove just as challenging.

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for Asset Managers

Renters move in and renters move out.  A trained eye that can concentrate on property condition assessments at they highest level of consistency will help expedite renter transitions through:

  • tailored inspection checklists

  • next-day scheduling

  • picture reporting and data retention

Stop worrying about staffing or overextending existing facility managers or community managers with move-out inspections.  The logistical and inspection expertise at Burgess can fill the gaps.

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