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Zip System® and the Drainage Plane: How to Correctly Remedy Penetrations

A number of builders use the Zip System® as an alternative to traditional OSB and house wrap since the panels and taped seams create an air tight and water resistant barrier. Yet, just as with traditional weatherization techniques for the drainage plane, penetrations in the Zip System® panels must be dealt with appropriately. So, when penetrations exist, what is the correct way to restore the integrity of the panels in order to meet the manufacturer specifications of the Zip System®?

Zip System® allows the use of Zip System® stretch tape, Zip System® liquid flash, and QuickFlash® for sealing penetrations through the panels. Taking a look specifically at the QuickFlash® method, the installation is much different than what is done with traditional house wrap.

For example, to remedy a penetration with QuickFlash® in traditional house wrap, we 1) make an incision in the building paper (weather resistive barrier) 2) slide the QuickFlash® panel under the house wrap and over the penetration 3) tape the side seams, then the top seam.

For the Zip System®, however, the QuickFlash® product is installed over the panel and taped in the following method:

Keep in mind, this method of installation is the only approved way to remedy penetrations in the drainage plane when using the Zip System® with QuickFlash®. Any deviations from this process may impact the warranty of the product. If you have questions about the best way to make sure your Zip System® is used correctly, contact the Burgess Team at 888-644-6489.

Note: The method described above may not be approved in zero lot line applications. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for your specific structure and location prior to commencing construction.


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