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Specialty Services

Because of the diverse construction backgrounds, experience and certifications of our team, we are able to provide a host of specialty services to our clients.  Throughout all stages of construction, we can help.

Consulting and Forensics

In the case of construction defects, forensic investigation is sometimes warranted to determine the source or cause of a problem or condition. Burgess offers forensic analysis of a number of common construction defects covering most assemblies and components.  In addition to careful visual inspection, examples of common forensic testing includes: foundation elevation readings, thermal imaging, moisture content testing, tracing leak-sources, and energy performance testing.

Property Assessments

The Burgess Property Assessment Program was created to help clients manage the condition of a property throughout the warranty period and beyond.  With our program, clients feel more at ease knowing the conditions of their properties are being well documented during the critical stages after closing.  A Property Assessment Program can help to identify potential issues before they become high targets for construction defect litigation. It can also help to document key components of a property as it ages, which mitigates risk downstream.

Burgess recommends property assessments for all projects just prior to 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and before the statute of repose, as determined by the closing date. Following each visit, we provide detailed reports and photos of the component systems, including any deficiencies which may require action. Additionally, we are able to interview the HOA and individual homeowners to ensure all parties are in agreement with the current status of the property, further reducing the potential for defect litigation.

Safety Inspections

Our team of OSHA certified professionals inspects and documents safety practices onsite in order to help ensure the jobsite is in accordance with OSHA and/or client specific safety requirements. Reports are provided with applicable photographs and observation details. This preemptive measure is used to strengthen onsite safety and reduce the risk of OSHA citations.

Marketing Support

To help your sales team use the third-party inspection process to sell more homes, we've created several key marketing materials and handouts.  These materials are provided to our clients' sales teams at no charge.  Using these materials, in addition to our Sales Counselor Trainings, your team will have a distinct sales advantage against those builders who aren't using the Burgess Quality Program.

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