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Recognition & Awards

We truly value our relationships with Builders and Superintendents. We understand the inspection process may not always be the highlight of each Superintendent's day; so, that's why we created our Home Run Program. This Program is the only QA/QC program that rewards field personnel for hitting it out of the park when it comes to home quality. We evaluate and reward those who reach milestones in performance.

Some of the programs include:

Ballpark Background-01-01.png


Who is Eligible: Superintendents

How: Complete a Burgess Pre-Drywall and
Final Inspection on the same address AND
pass both inspections with zero defects on
the first time inspection.

Award: Custom engraved Louisville Slugger
bat to commemorate the occasion. Every
home that meets the criteria wins a bat. And
for every bat, the Superintendent’s Manager
receives a commemorative ball, signed by
the Home Run Award winner.

Home Run Award-01.png


Who is Eligible: Superintendents

How: Earn points throughout the year
based upon Burgess quality metrics such
as defect counts, inspection management,
and more. The top performers across all
Burgess Builders we’ll be entered to win.

Award: Six champions and one guest each
will receive airfares, accommodations
(Hilton Omaha) and tickets behind home
plate to Game 2 of the 2019 College World
Series in Omaha, NE, June 15 - 16, 2019.
Also included is the exclusive “NCAA
Experience Package” prior to the game.

A drawing will be held the first week of
May 2019. It’s time to step up to the plate!

CWS Award-01.png

Prize package is non-transferable.


Who is Eligible: Superintendents

How: Earn points during each quarter
based upon quality metrics such as defect
counts, trade performance, inspection
management, stage readiness, inspection
attendance, and more. The top performers

in your company will be recognized.
Each quarter, the contest will reset.

Award: Burgess will provide scoring lists
that showcase the top performers so the
competitiveness of your team will help drive
everyone towards higher quality.

All-Star Award-01.png


Who is Eligible: Manager or VP of Construction

How: Based upon the performance of the superintendents eligible for the College World Series Award, each company’s collection of superintendent rankings will be pitted against all other eligible companies. 


The company with the highest composite ranking in each Burgess market will win, with an award and prize going to one outstanding manager for the leadership of his or her elite field superintendents.

Award: A Gift Card and Custom Engraved Trophy. A $300 gift card will go a long way. Stick with the baseball theme and catch a local MLB game or forget about baseball altogether and celebrate the win in a meaningful way. Also, commemorate the occasion forever with a personalized crystal trophy showcasing the elite performance of the collective production team.

MofY Award-01.png

"We get to see firsthand the value superintendents provide and the challenge ahead of them to reach the highest standards of quality for every home. The effort should be rewarded and this program does just that."

Russell Burgess, CEO

Where does your Builder Team Rank?

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