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Hear from a client about what it means to partner with the Burgess Team.

Justin Honeycutt

Senior Construction Manager

Gracepoint Homes

Houston, TX

D.R. Horton Homes

"The most significant outcome from working with Burgess and their Quality Assurance Program is the consistency of totally completed homes and satisfied customers."

Lennar Homes

"It is always good to have a second trained eye go through your home, especially if you have new guys. Burgess will take the time to educate and facilitate the building process for everyone. They inform us of new codes and aid us in the implementation of them. They have helped in finding issues at the frame stage that would have held us up on finishing the home. Most of all they have helped reduce customer service requests"

David Weekley Homes

"The improved, consistent quality of our homes exceeded our expectations. The Burgess team formed a strong partnership alliance with our production team which developed into a positive learning tool of Quality Assurance that began at the slab and carried through to final completion inspections."

Alliance Residential Company

"Burgess Construction Consultants was a great resource to us on our most recent project in all aspects of water and weatherproofing, from pre-construction all the way through final certifications.  Their knowledge and expertise helped us identify potential issues in assemblies before they became problems during construction, and their documentation system allows for easy punch list creation and execution.  I would recommend them to any contractor or developer and hope to work with them again in the future."

AHC Construction

"We have utilized Burgess Construction Consultants as our waterproofing consultant for many years.  Their level of expertise both in the office during plan review and out in the field has established them as a vital asset on all our projects.  They are readily available to knowledgeably discuss critical issues both during pre-development and throughout the construction process.  We are thankful to have them as a part of our team!"

Westin Homes

"Our objectives, when we decided to use the Burgess Quality Initiative, were to deliver quality, completed homes thereby reducing customer call backs while enhancing customer satisfaction. I can unequivocally say that these goals have been accomplished since we contracted Burgess less than a year ago. Another unanticipated benefit has been the improved discipline and accountability of our field personnel derived through their weekly and monthly analysis reports."

Cambridge / Tegrity Homes

"Our builders are now building more consistently; our homes are completed on time; trades are very comfortable with the Burgess Q.A. process and what is expected; and more importantly, our buyers have a renewed confidence in the home building experience because of Burgess's third-party program. We are very pleased; the program works great!"

CalAtlantic Homes

"With the ever-growing expectations of today's homebuyer, Standard Pacific Homes has set out to meet and surpass our client's desires. The addition of Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc. is fulfilling our intentions. Burgess has taken our home buyers' wishes and made them reality."

Inland Homes

"The impact of Burgess has been three fold. The first is the image of customer care that is portrayed. Our sales staff and CM's make a point to tell customers and potential customers that one of the things that sets us apart is our 3rd party inspection firm to give them every confidence that their homes are built to the highest standard. The second is the historical data. We use those figures to point out where we need to improve production and reduce errors. Data from your web site led us to create a better electric hot check inspection form to reduce electrical issues at intro. They also pointed the way to helping us solve some cosmetic issues that were habitual at final finish out.

The third impact is protection of the license holder. Knowing my license is in safe hands, I can spot check fewer homes and devote my time to larger production issues rather than spending mornings counting rebar and truss engineering. Burgess Construction Consultants has bolstered our sales, production and efficiency and overall is a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all your hard work."

D.R. Horton Homes

"In order to stream line our expenses last year, we lowered the intensity of Burgess Inspection process. Shortly after the change was made we noticed that the length of time it took for a PM or an Area Manager to walk the house had increased quite a bit. Fortunately, we reverted back to comprehensive and more detailed Burgess Quality Inspection process. Due to the accountability and thoroughness of their program and inspectors, their monthly reporting system indicated that there was a tremendous improvement in overall quality. The average number of defects the inspectors found was actually decreasing, even though the intensity of the inspection had been increased."

Beazer Homes

"I am impressed by the frame walk you did for Beazer Homes in Charlotte, NC. The items were clearly marked and the walk thru was thorough. The procedure and scheduling of the inspection is done in a timely manner. I enjoyed the experience and I find it easy to work with Burgess Construction Consultants. I am looking forward to other inspections and the joy of working with Burgess."

David Weekley Homes

"Before David Weekley Homes started using the Burgess Quality Improvement Program, I used two full spray cans of paint to mark discrepancies for my framing contractor. By the time I was promoted to my current position, I used one half of one can for the same purpose. Because of the Burgess Program's training and accountability, he reduced the number of discrepancies I found by 75%."

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