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Meet Marlon Jones

March 31, 2021


“I’ve been waiting for you!”

Since joining Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc., the question I am most frequently asked is, “how did you end up here?” I always answer, “valid question”, especially as it may seem to many that geotechnical engineering and third-party inspections couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the construction spectrum. And therein lies the reason the pairing is so perfect! All structures within single family residential, multi-family, and commercial development require geotechnical services prior to the start of construction. With the unmatched position and expertise of Burgess within the industry, the idea of providing its vast client base with critical and necessary engineering services made too much sense. Still, it didn’t happen overnight.

Several years ago, I met Russell Burgess and a mutual friend/colleague for lunch. We were trying to determine how Burgess and our former company, at the time, could work together. The meeting was good and we agreed there were great opportunities for an alliance. But as we all know, in this industry, timing is everything. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t the right time.

Fast forward to 2020 in a year most want to forget, I got a most interesting call from the same former colleague that initially introduced me to Russell. He told me that BCCI was looking to bring engineering services “in-house” due to the demand of its existing client base and wanted to know if I was interested. This colleague knew that I was running my own geotechnical engineering company and that I had accomplished the significant task of becoming certified as an MBE/HUB business, but he also knew the great reputation and incredible business model BCCI has developed over the years and recognized the potential mutual benefit for me and BCCI. Of course, I was interested! There are no other companies like BCCI around and definitely none with over 35 years of excellence! I immediately began to envision all the possibilities a potential coming together could offer. And what was even more encouraging, during our first conversation, I could tell I wasn’t the only person energized by the opportunities.

We started with the facts of my engineering background:

  • Practicing engineer for over 23 years.

  • Originally licensed as a Professional Engineer in California (arguably the most difficult state to obtain a P.E. license).

  • Provided geotechnical recommendations for hundreds of residential and commercial developments, many with major builders which include D.R. Horton, David Weekley Homes, Shea Homes, Toll Brothers, Perry Homes, and KB Homes.

  • Worked with numerous Cities, Counties, and Municipalities throughout Texas.

I then presented my initial vision for BCCI’s engineering division and shared my philosophies related to growing a business based on commitment to customer satisfaction and valuing team members. Very quickly, it was unmistakably obvious that not only was this pairing inevitable, but it was also the natural evolution of BCCI’s dedication to continue to improve its service model for the benefit of its clients.

Benefits for BCCI’s clients:

  • One point of contact for design, construction testing, and inspections services.

  • Seamless coordination from beginning of the project (preliminary geotechnical/feasibility studies) through end of construction (Final sign-off).

  • More efficient development/construction process.

  • BCCI’s zeal for being the expert in every service we provide and our passion for passing what we learn to our clients.

After many more conversations with Russell and the Burgess executive team, I knew this was the exact right place I needed to be. Apparently, there were others who were just as excited to have me on the team as I was to be here. My first day on the job I attended a Burgess manager’s meeting. I arrived early and was looking for the meeting room. I was alone and lost in this large building until I see a man in a Burgess pullover. Even though I had no clue as to who he was, I knew we were there for the same meeting. So, I approached him and introduced myself. This “stranger” sheds the biggest smile and exclaims, “I’ve been waiting for you for so long!” and gives me a big bear hug! Talk about a warm welcome and making someone feel appreciated. It continues to be that kind of experience for me every day and that is the kind of experience we here at Burgess strive to give all of our clients.


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