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Helping to Fight Hunger in North Texas

Pictured are Burgess Employees, Colleen and Chris from our corporate office in Dallas, donating non-perishable canned goods to the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB). Throughout November, the Burgess Team has collected several boxes of food for the NTFB which will be delivered to those in need throughout the year.

Each day, the NTFB provides “access to more than 170,000 meals for hungry children, seniors and families.” For its fiscal year 2015, the NTFB “provided access to some 63 million meals but the need for hunger relief in North Texas today is much larger.”

Hungry children, seniors and families are often associated with developing countries outside of the U.S. But the fact is the problem exists in our states, our cities and our own communities. To help fight the war against hunger, we encourage you to get involved in any way possible. Research organizations in your area, like the North Texas Food Bank, and together we can help improve the lives of hungry children, seniors and families today.


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