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STEP 1: Inspect

Burgess works with Builder management teams to customize specific inspection types to meet the needs of the product type and building environment.  With stage ready inspections throughout the construction process, we've got you covered.





Fit and Finish

Building Envelope

Energy Testing

STEP 2: Analyze

Through each inspection, Burgess captures data about your specific construction process.  This data gives insights into builder and trade performance which can be used to improve training and reduce recurring errors in the field. 




Identify how your superintendents rank according to average defects, number of re-inspections, days needed to close out each stage, and more.



Find out which are your best and worst performing trades based upon such criteria as average defect counts and performance within each community.

Community Performance

Learn which communities outperform others and drill down to find out why.  Stronger superintendents? Better performing trades?

STEP 3: Train

Based upon inspection data captured and the analysis of that data, Burgess is able to offer free training to Builders on ways to reduce recurring construction errors.




For clients, we offer free superintendent training for field staff.  These trainings can occur in the office or on the jobsite.  Our onsite Toolbox Trainings are a great way to apply theory to actual home construction in a way that is specific and meaningful to each team.  It's also a great way to get the trades involved in the training and quality assurance process.

Audit and Training Workshop

The Burgess Audit and Training Workshop is a completely customized QA/QC and training experience.  Our experts first perform walkalong audits with your construction team to identify areas for improvement.  Next, the team comes together for an in depth review of the findings, along with best practice solutions to any issues.  The mix of field and classroom learning provides a unique experience for your construction team.



Product Spotlight Trainings are a great way to help keep Builders, trades and the Burgess Team up to date on the systems being used by our clients.  From system installation all the way through warranty maintenance, our working relationships with manufacturers help keep Burgess and our clients ahead of the curve.

STEP 4: Reward

Is your team performing at a high level?  With the inspection data from Burgess, you'll gain a new level of insight.  As part of the analysis, we help you structure reward programs that incentivize your Builders to keep performing at an elite level.


Home Run Award

Superintendents can earn a customized, full size Louisville Slugger bat to commemorate successful completion of a "Perfect" home.

Manager of the Year

Each year, the Manager in each market who oversees the highest number of top performers wins a customized crystal award.

All Star Slugger

Top performing Superintendents can earn gift cards for exceeding performance expectations relative to their peers.

College World Series

Each year, the top performing Superintendents across all markets are entered to win an all expense paid trip to the College World Series.

League MVP

Each year, the top performing Superintendent in each market can receive a commemorative crystal trophy and public recognition.

Game Changer Award

The Game Changer Award creates a yearly challenge, evaluation, reward and legacy within each specific company.


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