Analysis and Reporting

We learned a long time ago that if we're really going to help our clients improve, then we have to look towards the data.  With thousands of inspections and inspection points, the data we collect for our clients is stored, analyzed and presented in a suite of more than 20 performance analysis reports.  With easy to read charts and graphs, Burgess Analytics has quickly become the go-to analysis tool for builders who want to improve their construction processes.


Superintendent Performance

Identify how your superintendents rank according to each inspection type, number of re-inspections, days needed to close out each stage, and more.

Trade Performance

Find out which are your best and worst performing trades based upon such criteria as average defect counts and performance within each community.

Community Performance

Learn which communities outperform others and drill down to find out why.  Stronger superintendents? Better performing trades?  Inspection scope standards?


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