In 2020, Georgia will institute changes to the Energy Code.  If you need help determining what that will mean for your construction process, let us know.  Now is the time to start preparing. 

When building a zero-lot-line home, a strong understanding of code requirements is critical. As space becomes restricted, additional changes to the home plan become more difficult after construction begins or once the home is nearing completion.  Any misinterpretation...

One area where Code Officials, Architects and other Construction Professionals often incorrectly interpret the code is as it applies to Safety Glazing (Tempered Windows).  Many times the language of the code related to safety glazing is easily understood, however the “...

In one episode of the popular TV show Home Improvement, Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) was
attempting to install a particular product when he became frustrated with the instructions provided by the product’s manufacturer. In his frustration, Tim stated “instructions are just t...

How much ventilation does an attic need?

The IRC requires 1 square foot of net free ventilation area to every 150 square foot of attic floor space (1/150), but does not specify the location of intake vents or exhaust vents, nor does it specify the ratio of intake to exh...

The challenge in residential wood-frame construction is to construct dwellings that are

not only strong and resistant to the forces of nature, but also dwellings which are more energy efficient than in the past.  Add to the mix increasingly stringent design parameters w...

Prior to House Bill 2040, if a new home in an unincorporated area was inspected and shown to be out of compliance with applicable building codes, the builder had no obligation to remedy the home and the county had no authority to require the builder to do so.


Fan-assisted makeup air in Single and Two-Family Dwellings has been a topic of contention throughout Houston. To remedy the issue, the City of Houston has released an adjustment to the 2012 IRC requirement to more closely align it with the wording changes which were us...

The City of Houston recently adopted the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). In addition, the city approved specific requirements for solar readiness. The new solar readiness requirements went into effect on November 28, 2016. All permit applicatio...

International Residential Codes can change every three years and it’s a chore to keep up with the changes. It’s not uncommon to have questions on the meanings of new codes, and the IRC Commentary is the first place industry professionals turn when looking for answers a...

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