Burgess Construction Consultants INC.

Single Family

Whether you are a volume home builder, custom home builder or a general stakeholder in the project, Burgess offers single-family residential construction inspections, energy rating and construction team training to keep you building smartly and cost effectively. 

Our construction inspection scope is comprised of manufacturer’s specifications, IRC Code, builder specific requirements and our vast knowledge of high exposure areas.  Included with the basic inspection package is access to Burgess Analytics©, a web-based platform developed exclusively for Burgess, which allows builders to measure the performance of superintendents, trades and Burgess Consultants on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.  With more than twenty unique analysis reports, builders can improve processes and reduce cycle times like never before.  Likewise, Burgess Energy Services is made up of energy raters and verifiers with years of experience in virtually every energy/green program on the market. 

Burgess Energy Services follows a four step process: 1) consult with clients on which energy program best meets their needs, 2) perform plan review analysis and energy modeling, 3) inspect and test through the blower-door and duct-blaster tests according to the Thermal Bypass Checklist and 4) create all necessary certification documentation for the client and homeowner.

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