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Leading the industry in third-party construction inspections and energy services.

 Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc. is a national leader in new home construction inspections, energy rating and testing and construction team training.  Since 1986, Burgess has helped the construction industry’s most prominent single-family volume homebuilders and multifamily developers minimize risk, increase margins and build better quality homes.  With regional offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Tampa and Orlando, Burgess services builders and developers across the United States.

New Construction Inspections
The quality assurance inspection process used by Burgess is unequaled in the industry.  Our stage inspections occur at pre-pour, pre-drywall and final and encompass hundreds of inspection points.  These inspection points are focused on building code, manufacturer specifications, architectural plans and industry best practices.  Most importantly, we don’t force a one-size-fits-all construction inspection approach on our clients.  Instead, Burgess and our clients jointly identify what the Burgess team will review during construction and how we will inspect each construction component of the new home or building. By using this approach, Burgess incorporates exactly what our builders need to be successful.

  • Inspection Reports: Every construction inspection is followed with a typed, fully detailed inspection report.  The reports are available immediately following the inspection in printed form for onsite superintendents and are emailed automatically to key management personnel.  The Wireless Inspection System (WISe©), developed by Burgess, allows consultants to electronically create inspection reports while performing the inspection; so, there is no lag time between inspection and report delivery.
  • Analysis Reports: A critical component of construction is measuring performance.  The state-of-the-art Burgess reporting system, Burgess Analytics©, is an online platform which allows single-family builders to evaluate superintendents and trades on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to see which superintendents and trades are performing well and which team members have opportunities for improvement.  Over 20 separate analysis reports are available to builders at the click of a button and no additional fee is required for this invaluable service.  Every residential client has access to the web-based system. 

Residential Energy Testing
As of January 1, 2012, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requires energy code testing for all new residential construction.  Burgess is trusted by builders and developers in all of our markets to ensure this energy rating and testing requirement is met.  Burgess Energy Services follows a 4 step process:

  1. Energy Program Consulting: There are a number of different energy programs builders can choose from and those requirements can often be overwhelming.  To help, Burgess reviews every energy program our builder clients are considering and helps them choose which energy program is right for their product type, budget and market.  Burgess is certified with all major energy programs including: Energy Star, HERS, Energy Code, Green Built Texas, LEED and many more.

  2. Plan Review Analysis / Energy Modeling: Before construction can begin, the construction plans must be reviewed and approved quickly, but most important, accurately so that builders can begin the construction process and have no hold-ups along the way.  Our in-house team of Certified Plans Examiners and energy experts review architectural plans and provide feedback on the most cost-effective ways to meet the specific energy program requirements. 

  3. Onsite Inspection and Testing: Before an energy program can be officially certified, it must be confirmed onsite as dictated by the IECC.  The two key testing requirements are the blower door and duct blaster tests which are part of the Thermal Bypass Checklist.  Burgess uses the most up-to-date equipment which provides accurate readings and efficient testing – both of which ensure builders can keep building without delay.

  4. Program Certification: The final stage of any energy program is certification.  Upon satisfactory completion of the Thermal Bypass Checklist and Performance Testing, Burgess develops completion documentation, along with rating materials, energy placards and energy certificates.  Not only do these materials provide builders with a record of the home’s energy performance, but these materials can be shared with the homeowner to show that the builder has taken all necessary steps to ensure an energy efficient, comfortable living environment. 

Superintendent and Trade Training
What truly sets Burgess apart is our dedication to training and education.  Burgess Consultants are ICC Certified, non-commission staff who have a passion for construction science and quality building.  During the inspection process, Burgess Consultants spend as much time training the trades and superintendents on correct construction techniques as they do on performing the actual inspection.  To Burgess, it’s not about repeated mistakes and errors in construction.  Rather, our goal is to provide a service which results in a steady improvement overtime with our builders, superintendents and trades. 

Along with training superintendents and trades during the inspection process, Burgess holds toolbox trainings on an as-needed basis.  Through the use of Burgess Analytics©, the client management team can see exactly where quality issues are occurring, down to the specific trade, and Burgess can create tailored learning programs to help eliminate the errors and get the trades and builders back on track.  Fewer errors results in higher margins, and specialized training is essential to reduce errors.  Best of all, no additional fee is required of builders for this training service.  Burgess believes so much in training that we feel it is our duty to the industry to educate trades on correct building practices and construction techniques.