Burgess Construction Consultants INC.


The commercial construction environment is unique.  No one understands that better than Burgess Construction Consultants.  Whether you are building from the ground up or doing finish-out, the Burgess team has the experience you need to stay on time and budget and build with the highest degree of quality and least amount of exposure.

We begin at the Peer Plan Review stage and review architectural plans to confirm the plans are accurate, complete and clear.  The review can be a full-scope review or a more targeted review at components such as foundation reinforcement, waterproofing assemblies, sound attenuation, fire-rated assemblies and other assembly details.  Ultimately, before any construction actually takes place, we want your team to be confident every detail has been accounted for within the plans.

The next component is the Burgess Third-Party Observation Process where we provide quality assurance construction inspections to confirm the construction is going according to the plans, building code and specifications outlined by the manufacturers.  Again, these can be full-scope or more targeted to specific high exposure areas such as waterproofing, roofing assemblies, MEPs, etc.

Also available is energy rating and testing through Burgess Energy Services.  The Energy Team follows a four step process: 1) consult with clients on which energy program best meets their needs, 2) perform plan review analysis and energy modeling, 3) inspect and test the final product and 4) create all necessary certification documentation.

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